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3 Tips To Prepare For Your MRI Screening For Prostate Cancer

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There are many people out there who suffer from prostate cancer. If you do have prostate cancer, it is important to find out about it as soon as possible, since this can help you increase the chances of success from treatment. Your doctor might recommend an MRI screening for prostate cancer. If this is something that your doctor recommends, it is important to follow through with your appointment. You may find that following these preparation steps will help you out.

1. Stick to Light Meals

For a day or so before your screening, your doctor might recommend that you stick with lighter meals. This will typically make it easier for the coil to be inserted for testing. If you aren't sure of what you should or should not eat in the days leading up to your exam, ask your doctor for recommendations. Your doctor might recommend that you stick to a clear liquid diet, at least in the hours leading up to your appointment.

2. Be Prepared for an Enema

The idea of using an enema might not sound very pleasant, but your doctor might ask you to prepare for your MRI screening with an enema. If this is something that your doctor wants you to do, he or she should provide you with more information. This may be something that you can do yourself at home; just make sure that you purchase the right enema kit and that you carefully follow the instructions. This can help you minimize the discomfort that can sometimes go along with an enema preparation, and it can help you ensure that the enema is successful and that you are fully prepared for your MRI screening.

3. Arrive on Time

Make sure that you arrive on time for your MRI screening. You may have to go to your local hospital or a medical testing facility rather than your regular doctor's office, so make sure that you inquire about the location of the test ahead of time. If you are late for your appointment, your appointment might be rescheduled for another day, which is probably something that you want to avoid. Therefore, make an effort to get there on time. As an added bonus, you will probably find that you feel a lot less stressed that you have enough time to fill out paperwork and otherwise prepare for your test by showing up early for your prostate cancer MRI screening.