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How To Make Filling Prescriptions Quick And Easy

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When you go to the doctor with a concern, your physician will do their best to diagnose the underlying reason for your condition. In many cases, your ailment can be treated using the right medication. Your doctor will give you a prescription, which can be filled at the drugstore of your choice. You shouldn't delay; getting your prescription filled as fast as possible will allow you to start feeling better sooner. Here are four tips that will help you make filling your prescription quick and easy.

1. Ask your doctor to send a paperless prescription.

Paperless prescriptions are also known as electronic prescriptions. Instead of handing you a physical prescription, your doctor can send the prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice. Electronic prescriptions can save time, since the pharmacist on duty can start to fill your prescription before you arrive, which will cut down your wait time. Electronic prescriptions can also prevent mistakes. Doctors' handwriting is sometimes difficult to read. An electronic prescription means there is less room for errors, which is good news when it comes to your health.

2. Call for refills.

If you need a refill of a prescription, you may be able to get it without returning to your doctor. Doctors will decide which patients need refills on a case by case basis. In the case of some restricted drugs, such as opioids, your doctor may deny you a refill. In other cases, they may require you to come in for an additional appointment before granting it. However, it's worth calling in to check. In some cases, doctors will call in a refill to your pharmacy without requiring you to make a new appointment.

3. Sign up for automatic refills.

If your prescription came with a certain number of refills, you can sign up for automatic refills at your pharmacy. This is a good option for anyone who is on medication that needs to be taken daily, such as antidepressants or birth control. You can sign up for a monthly refill schedule that means you will never find yourself running out of medication when you need it.

4. Talk to your pharmacist.

If you have questions about your prescription, such as potential side effects or interactions with other medication, you should ask your pharmacist when you go to pick up your prescription. Pharmacists are very knowledgeable when it comes to medication. They're trained to help patients with questions about the drugs they need. You can save yourself time by consulting your pharmacist with questions instead of waiting to do an internet search for the information when you get home.

For more information, visit your local pharmacy.