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Turning 60 And Seeing Too Many Wrinkles? 3 Tips To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

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If you are turning 60 and are seeing too many wrinkles pop up on your face, you have many options to make yourself look younger again. Three of these options are listed below so you can take steps in stopping the hands of time.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to minimize the wrinkles in your face, as well as to add volume to your lips and add more volume to your face. The filler is a thick type of gel that is injected into your skin with a needle. Before the process starts, the dermatologist will cleanse your skin and then place an astringent on your skin to kill bacteria. They will then make small marks using a pen on where they need to inject the filler. Once the filler is injected, you will have some swelling and your face will feel tender for a few days.

Dermal fillers can last a few months up to a year. After this time, you will have to go back to have the procedure again to maintain the same look.

Wrinkle Treatment Creams

You may want to start out trying a wrinkle treatment cream before you have more invasive procedures. There are many creams on the market, but wrinkle treatment creams subscribed by a dermatologist are much stronger and will work much better.

One wrinkle cream commonly used is retinoids, which includes brand names of Renovo or Retin-A. This cream takes a few weeks to start seeing results and you may have some dryness and peeling when first starting the cream. Over time, however, the cream will take care of roughness that is on your skin, as well as reduce the number of wrinkles you have.

Other Procedures

Besides dermal fillers there are other procedures that a dermatologist can do during your office visit. One of these procedures is dermabrasion. This is using a special tool to sand the top layer of your skin, sanding away surface wrinkles. This will not only help diminish wrinkles but will give your skin an overall glow and make your look healthy.

A dermatologist can also use a laser procedure. The laser is slowly run over your skin. It works by making your skin produce much more collagen and produce it much faster. Collagen is important as this is what causes your skin to become plumb. As a person ages, collagen breaks down a little at a time. You will likely need to have more than one treatment in order for the laser procedure to work.

Your dermatologist can tell you more about dermal fillers, wrinkle treatment creams, dermabrasion, and other options you have to treat your wrinkles.