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Breast Cancer Screenings Are Important, Even Now

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With coronavirus becoming a common concern keeping many people at home, you may wonder if you still need to get your regular doctor's appointments. These appointments are important, but are they something you should still be concerned with?

Breast cancer screenings are important, especially now. Here are a few things you need to know about screenings in the midst of COVID-19.

Breast Cancer Screenings Require Mammograms

There is not a surefire way to screen for breast cancer without a mammogram. This means there is no way to socially distance while you are getting tested. Unfortunately, failing to go to these screenings may mean the cancer progresses more quickly than it would have otherwise.

Make your appointments so that you don't miss valuable time that could be used to fight back against aggressive cancer. Spotting cancer sooner means you have more time to try out different treatments to help it pass.

Some People Are At Higher Risk

You especially should not avoid your breast cancer screening if you are a woman approaching or past menopause. In these women, breast cancer is much more common. The good news is that breast cancer treatment is still successful in many of these cases.

Of course, screenings are also important for women in the younger age groups. Talk to your doctor about a screening schedule that does not put you at higher risk but also recognizes any potential cancer risk you face.

Early Screenings Simplify Treatment

The sooner you spot cancer, the simpler your treatment can be. When cancer develops and becomes larger, it can be much more difficult to treat. Treatments may require a short surgery in some cases, though allowing the cancer to grow could lead to more serious treatments being necessary, including radiation and chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer Centers Offer Ways to Stay Safe

If you are thinking about coming in for screenings or treatments, you should talk to your center about what they are doing to keep the center safe. For example, many centers are requiring that patients wear masks throughout the procedure. You can also ask about sanitation and physical distancing measures being taken.

Breast Cancer Treatment Is Available

Do you need a screening? Have you been screened and now require treatment? Now is a good time to talk to your doctor about a plan to receive breast cancer treatment in the midst of everything going on today. Your health is still more important than ever.