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Trying CBD Roll-On Gel For The First Time? A Guide To Your Options

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If you plan to try using a CBD roll-on gel to help alleviate muscle aches and pains for the first time, then you may be overwhelmed with all of your topical CBD product options. Roll-on gels are popular among people who use topical CBD products because the roller tip can be used to massage the CBD gel into aching muscles without creating a large mess. However, there are many roll-on gels on the market that differ in several ways. 

Read on to learn about two of your CBD roll-on gel options and which options may be best for you. 

CBD Isolate vs CBD Distillate

When you browse topical CBD products, you may find that some list CBD isolate on their ingredients lists while others contain CBD distillate. While these two natural substances have similar names, they actually vary greatly in composition. 

CBD isolate contains cannabidiol, or CBD, alone. Cannabidiol is one of the most well-researched cannabinoids, and there are many medical studies that back its effectiveness at easing inflammation and pain. For this reason, you are likely to find many CBD roll-on gels that contain CBD isolate and work very well. 

CBD distillate, on the other hand, contains virtually all cannabis cannabinoids, or active components, aside from THC (which is still illegal to sell and use in many states), and not just cannabidiol. In addition, CBD distillate contains many of the fatty acids and vitamins contained in the cannabis plant. 

Since CBD distillate contains additional natural medicinal compounds aside from CBD alone, some people find that CBD distillate roll-on gels offer more benefits than topical products that contain just cannabidiol. For example, an additional cannabinoid in CBD distillate called cannabigerol has been shown in some medical studies to help ease muscle cramps. 


CBD roll-on gels are available in various strengths. When some people are selecting their first topical CBD product, they look for the lowest strength they can find just to sample the effects of topical CBD. However, many people do not obtain the muscle ache and pain relief they need from these low-strength topical products because cannabidiol tends to have a difficult time passing through the skin. 

For this reason, medical experts advise new CBD topical users to choose a potent CBD topical product to obtain their desired results without wasting their time or money first using products that do not contain enough CBD to pass through skin properly. High-potency CBD products have at least 30-60% of CBD per application. Since many CBD topical product labels simply state how many mg of CBD are in the entire product and not each application, you can determine the number of mg of CBD in each application by dividing the number of mg of CBD in the entire product by the suggested number of applications. 

If you plan to try CBD roll-on gel for the first time, then use this information to help you choose the right gel for you and your needs. Contact a local supplier, such as Hemp Mountain CBD, to learn more.