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What Is Domestic Violence And A Domestic Violence Expert Witness?

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Domestic violence cases are more difficult to win, especially if the abuse a survivor endured was not physical. It's easier to prove there's a domestic violence case when you wear your bruises on the outside. However, physical abuse is not the only type of abuse someone can experience. A domestic violence expert witness can assist in domestic violence cases and educate the court on the other types of domestic violence. 

Psychological/Emotional Abuse

Psychological and emotional abuse occurs when your partner manipulates your feelings or your grip on reality. 

The following tactics are examples of psychological and emotional abuse:

  • Blaming you for everything
  • Pretending something didn't happen to make you feel "crazy"
  • Insisting you cut off your friends and/or family
  • Starting fights over every little thing
  • Scaring you into compliance by threatening to hurt themself or others
  • Monitoring your texts and social media

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is another type of abuse that can also play a part in emotional/psychological abuse. 

Examples of financial abuse include:

  • Racking up debt on your credit cards
  • Denying you access to your own money
  • Giving you an "allowance" of your own money
  • Using your money to pay their own debts
  • Telling you which job you can or cannot take
  • Pretending to pay bills that are in your name

Who Experiences Domestic Violence?

Oftentimes, it's women who fall victim to domestic violence. However, it's possible for men to experience domestic violence too. Still today, there is a stigma surrounding men in abusive relationships, especially if the abusive partner is a woman, which can cause men to not come forward or report when they suffer from domestic violence. It may be difficult for people who haven't experienced an abusive relationship to understand that domestic violence does not solely mean physical abuse. If you do find yourself in a domestic violence case, don't be surprised if your lawyer brings in a domestic violence expert witness. 

What Is a Domestic Violence Expert Witness?

A domestic violence expert witness is someone who is educated, experienced, and/or trained in domestic violence situations. Because they are considered an expert on the subject, they can testify in court. They can also help prepare the survivor for their turn to take the stand. 

When your domestic violence expert witness takes the stand, they will answer the question, "why didn't they leave?" Your expert witness will be able to describe how an abusive relationship, physical or not, can change the survivor's mindset. Having a domestic violence expert witness can substantially increase the survivor's chances of winning the case because they may be able to open the eyes of the judge/jury to the inner workings of an abusive relationship. 

If you are looking for domestic violence expert witness consultation, be sure to check out the websites of specialists in your area.