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Aching Arches? 5 Ways A Podiatrist Can Help

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The arches of your feet play an important role in your daily life. From the way you walk and stand to the way you move and exercise, when your arches start to ache it can be difficult to perform everyday activities. If you're feeling arch pain, a podiatrist may be able to help. Here are five ways that visiting a podiatry specialist could help relieve your feet of pain. 

1) Diagnosing the cause of your arch pain

A podiatrist can help identify and diagnose the source of your arch pain. They may look at X-rays or perform imaging scans to determine if you have a structural problem that is causing discomfort, such as a bone spur or injury. Podiatry surgeons may also be able to recommend medication or lifestyle changes that can reduce the pain you are experiencing.

2) Prescribing custom orthotics or braces

Podiatrists often design custom orthotics or braces that are tailored to the needs of their patients. These can help support the arch and redistribute weight more evenly across the foot, providing relief from pain and discomfort. You may have to wear your orthotics daily or just during certain activities, such as running or walking.

3) Recommending physical therapy exercises

If your arch pain is caused by an injury, a podiatrist may recommend a physical therapy program to help you recover and strengthen the affected area. Over time, these exercises can also help improve balance and circulation, making it easier for you to move around and perform everyday activities. If you can't commit to a physical therapy program with a specialist, your podiatrist may be able to recommend some home exercises for your aching arches.

4) Checking for signs of a more serious problem

In some cases, arch pain can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition like arthritis, diabetes, or nerve damage. A podiatrist can help assess your feet and determine if there is a more serious issue at play. If they do find an underlying condition, they can recommend further treatment or refer you to other specialists for help.

5) Making recommendations for shoes and inserts

A podiatrist can also advise you on the best type of shoes and inserts to wear in order to help relieve your arch pain. Properly fitted shoes and supportive inserts can be beneficial for people with foot issues, as they can help redistribute weight more evenly and provide cushioning for your feet.

Visiting a podiatrist is one of the best ways to get relief from arch pain. From diagnosing the source of discomfort to recommending physical therapy exercises and shoes, podiatrists can help provide solutions that will make your daily life easier and more comfortable.