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Anti-Depressants Not Working Or Making Depression Worse? Consider Ketamine Infusions

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The many causes of depression are often hard to diagnose and manage, even when a person knows why they are depressed. This situation gets worse when the many chemical reactions that cause depression do not react to medicines that treat them properly. As a result, alternative methods may need to be considered, such as ketamine infusions.

Depression May Not Be Easy to Treat

There is no single cause of depression. Some people are depressed due to family issues while others lack confidence and struggle to avoid depression symptoms. Thankfully, many types of treatments help to manage these symptoms in a broad array of people. However, some people are resistant to or do not react well with these medications or even have worse symptoms.

For example, some anti-depressants have a side effect of triggering suicidal thoughts — an issue that many with depression may not have experienced before taking their medication. As a result, alternative methods — based on scientific realities — have been created. One of the most promising of these is ketamine infusions, as it often does what other anti-depressants cannot for many people.

Why Ketamine Infusions Are a Good Idea

The dangers of untreated depression don't have to be a problem if ketamine infusions work. This treatment method works by flooding the body with ketamine. The exact way that it affects the body isn't quite clear, but specialists believe that it can interact with the same receptors other anti-depressants trigger. However, it can achieve this effect without as many adverse reactions.

As a result, a person suffering from depression may find that many of their symptoms lighten or become easier to handle. It can take just enough of an edge off of these emotions to make it easier to get behavioral adjustments and other types of care. For example, they may find it easier to go to their weekly counseling sessions if they feel just a little bit more upbeat and less depressed. This improvement in mood could also make their counseling sessions easier to finish.

Therefore, ketamine infusions are a good option for those concerned about depression that just won't react to other types of medicines. A growing number of people have tried out this treatment option and it is quickly gaining ground with many psychiatrists. As a result, it is something worth considering, particularly for those who have had adverse reactions to anti-depressants in the past.