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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Having And Recovering From LASIK Surgery

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LASIK surgery is life-changing for so many patients. It is so amazing to suddenly be able to see clearly without glasses or contacts! LASIK has come a long way in recent years and is a very safe option. Eye doctors are also careful to only perform the procedure on patients who are good candidates and are likely to recover well. However, some of the responsibility for a good experience does fall on you as a patient. Here are some of the mistakes you'll want to avoid when having LASIK and when recovering from the procedure. 

Mistake #1: Going for LASIK in a foreign country.

Medical tourism has become quite common among people looking to save money on their procedures. However, it is not a good idea to go abroad to a country with low-cost surgeries and have LASIK done. These countries often don't offer the same protections you get in the U.S. If something goes wrong, you may not have any recourse — and you really don't want to take chances with your eyes. If the price of LASIK in the U.S. is too steep for you, wait a year and save.

Mistake #2: Not visiting the LASIK facility beforehand. 

Even if you know LASIK won't be painful and that you can trust your eye surgeon, the idea of having someone operate on your eyes with lasers can be pretty intimidating. Visit the facility where the surgery will be performed beforehand. Meet your surgeon, and take a look around. You'll feel more confident on the day of your procedure if you're more familiar with the location, and when you're more comfortable and confident, you'll be better able to listen and take in post-surgical instructions.

Mistake #3: Not using your pre-operative eye drops as instructed.

Patients are often surprised by how great they feel after LASIK. Some feel so good that they forget they need to be using their eye drops! But these eye drops are an antibiotic and a lubricant. Forget to use the antibiotic, and you may end up with an eye infection. Forget to use the lubricant, and your eyes will soon become dry, which will slow their healing. Set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget to use your drops, regardless of how good you feel.

LASIK surgery will allow you to get rid of glasses or contacts and fully experience your freedom. Avoid the mistakes above, and enjoy! 

For more information about LASIK, contact a professional.