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How Licensed Eye Exams Help Children Struggling In School

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Many parents of highly intelligent children may not understand why they struggle in school or think that they are unintelligent. This problem is one that can impact a child's development for years and impact their overall life in adverse ways. Often, vision problems may be to blame, here, which is what makes a licensed eye exam so important to consider.

How Poor Vision Affects a Child's Education

A child with poor vision is going to experience a lot of challenges in life that may make it difficult for them to succeed. For example, many children with weak vision often struggle with penmanship because they cannot see what they are writing very easily. Even worse, many may get headaches if they try to read too long with poor vision and may struggle to keep on top of their homework.

Unfortunately, these struggles may make a child feel like they are "dumb" or unable to learn. When these feelings occur, a child may stop trying or suffer lifelong issues with self-esteem that can make it very hard for them to be happy in life. Therefore, it is important for parents of children who are struggling to read and write to talk to a licensed optometrist to get a high-quality eye exam as soon as possible.

Why Getting a Licensed Eye Exam is Important

Though parents may be able to do some types of eye exams online at home, these exams are not as precise as a licensed exam from a real vision professional. A true licensed eye exam will not only give parents an idea of the strength of their child's vision but make it easier for them to diagnose any potential vision problems that may be causing this weaker or less precise vision in a child.

As a result, a child can get eye correction tools – such as glasses or contact lenses – that help make it easier for them to read and write. Often, a child may realize that their poor vision was the only thing holding them back in school and end up greatly enjoying reading and writing. And when they do, they are likely to become more successful and confident than they were before their eye exam.

Just as importantly, regular eye exams can figure out if a child's vision has worsened or improved and change their prescription to meet those needs. In this way, a child has the best chance of success in school and later in life. Contact an provider of eye exams like Leader Heights Eye Center​ for more information.