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Take Advantage Of Your Cancer Nutrition Specialist Care For Diet Choices Following Cancer Surgery

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Many cancer survivors are not fully aware of the role nutrition care plays in helping them to survive following cancer surgery. Nutrition counseling is an important factor that you should consider obtaining for your well-being and overall health. Your cancer team post-surgery services do include nutrition advice and care from a licensed cancer nutrition specialist. Take advantage of this service and learn how to choose proper diets.

Oncology Nutrition Services

Some hospitals hire cancer nutrition specialists who have special training in oncology and integrative nutrition. Their work is scientifically based on offering you helpful nutritional advice about nutrition therapies. These nutritionists work closely with the other members of your care team to design a practical diet plan that meets your individual needs.

The American Cancer Society Guidelines

The American Cancer Society clearly issues guidelines that you should follow, which will help you to maintain healthy diets. The organization recommends that you eat a mix of healthy foods with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits. Plant-based foods are also recommended for good health. Avoid alcoholic beverages or limit your intake if you would like to have a glass of wine with dinner.

Diets And Medications

Keep a detailed record of the food you eat and the medications you take, and discuss any interaction concerns that you may have about an ingredient factor with your physician. Learn whether medications you take negatively affect both your intake and loss. There are medications that rid your body of some electrolytes, but there are medications that can prevent some electrolytes from exiting your body.

Your Dental Needs Must Be Addressed

It's all well and good to eat healthy foods, but do remember to make sure your dental problems are addressed. Trying to eat while experiencing pain because of dental or denture problems affect many elderly patients who cannot afford to pay for proper fitting dentures. Speak to a social services professional from your care team who may be able to find out what your options are for obtaining proper dental care.

Daily Exercise Routine

You also must participate in a physically active lifestyle. Walking at least 3 miles each day is inexpensive. All you need are good walking sneakers. So hit the tracks at a high school's field track or the YMCA track and do 6 laps of walking around the tracks, which is the equivalent of 3 miles. Remember that walking is good exercise, which helps you to maintain a healthy weight at all times.

Morning And Evening Walking Exercising

You can walk 3 miles early in the morning after breakfast and do another 3 miles after dinner late evening. If you can afford the fees, sign up for a variety of other exercises at a gym, but make sure to discuss your walking more than 3 miles a day with your primary care physician if you suffer from cardiac problems.