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Struggling With Exercise? 4 Ways A Health Coach Can Help

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Do you struggle with getting enough exercise even if you know how important it is? Many Americans find themselves in the same position. But there is someone who can help you overcome whatever obstacle you face. Although not a household name, a health coach could be the answer to your fitness challenges. Here are four ways one could help you.

1. They Take a Holistic Approach. If you want to exercise more (or better), your first thought might be a personal trainer. But a trainer will look primarily — or solely — at your exercise habits rather than assess what else you have going on in your life. And while a person who struggles with fitness may just not know how to exercise well, they may struggle with other issues like depression, a busy schedule, or lack of home support. 

2. They Set the Right Goals. Goals are an important part of losing weight, getting more exercise, or improving your health. But if you set the wrong goals — such as to lose an intimidating amount of weight or exercise for long periods — your progress could be hindered. A health coach looks at your life as a whole to help you set manageable goals that lead you in the right direction rather than unnecessary or overly demanding targets. 

3. They Offer Support. The right support is another important factor for most people to reach a fitness goal. Because a health coach's goal is to improve your overall health, they are there to do more than just get you moving for an hour per day. The coach can help you find the right emotional and physical support to improve, and they will provide their own support even when you're not at the gym. 

4. They Minimize Bad Habits. Exercising more is a positive habit, but many people also need to reduce unhealthy habits. Going 'cold turkey' on your unhealthful habits or tendencies, though, can be impossible to sustain. A health coach may work with you to minimize bad habits or control them rather than expect you to simply stop doing everything you may be used to doing. 

Do you need more than just a 'can do attitude' and a gym membership to reach your fitness goals? If so, make an appointment to meet with a health coach in your area today. They could be the answer to making permanent healthy changes that will improve all areas of your life.