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Are You Holding Onto These Misconceptions About Reiki?

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You've probably heard of reiki, which is a form of energy healing that's becoming more popular in the United States. However, what you have heard or believe about reiki may not be accurate. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the practice, and to decide whether or not it's right for your needs, you need to know the truth.

Misconception #1: Reiki is a religious practice.

Reiki is often mistaken for a religious practice. You may have heard that it is practiced by Buddhists or those who follow the Hindu faith. Neither of these things is true. Reiki can be a spiritual practice as it encourages and allows the recipient to embrace their more spiritual side and explore feelings of love and contentedness. But it is not a set of organized belief practices or principles.

Misconception #2: Reiki is a kind of massage.

This misconception has probably arisen from the fact that may massage therapists also practice reiki, and reiki practitioners often share offices with massage therapists. Reiki and massage can complement each other well, but reiki is not getting a massage. Your healer will not even touch you directly; rather, they will use their energy to adjust and change your own.

Misconception #3: Reiki is a "new age" practice.

This statement is usually made in a derogatory tone. The speaker means to suggest that reiki is a new, experimental practice and that therefore, it cannot possibly be as credible as older or more established healing practices. This could not be further from the truth. Reiki is just beginning to become more popular in the United States, but it has existed for decades in Japan. The founder's name was Usui, and he lived in the 1920s. Even before this, many reiki practices were used; they simply were not standardized and popularized until Usui came around.

Misconception #4: Reiki healers have superpowers.

Reiki healers are just people who have learned to use the energy inside of them for the good of others. Everyone has this same internal energy and awareness and can learn to use it in the same way if they desire. There is nothing unique about reiki practitioners other than the fact that they've spent the time to develop and hone their skills. 

Now that you know a little more about reiki, maybe you feel more comfortable seeing a healer for treatment. Contact reiki healing services to learn more.