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You Can Obtain Insurance-Covered Breast Pumps

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Because of the Affordable Care Act, your health insurance plan is required to provide coverage for breastfeeding support and equipment. This coverage means that your health care insurance must provide a free or low-cost breast pump. This further assures that you are entitled to this support and equipment for each pregnancy that you have.

Choosing Free Or Insurance-Covered Breast Pumps

Health insurance premiums are expensive. There are high deductibles that you have to meet. So take advantage of the benefits you'll gain with breast pumps covered by insurance. Be sure to decide whether you'll be using an open or closed breast pump system. Your obstetrician should be able to tell you whether you need to choose an open or closed system. The obstetrician can also advise you about what battery life option is best for the pump's use. A pump that features a digital display is helpful. The weight of the pump gives you more options to use it for your unique lifestyle. Call the manufacturer if you have questions about the technology. Also, read the information that comes inside the product packaging.

When To Obtain The Pump

You don't have to wait until you give birth to ask whether your insurance covers a breast pump and when the pump will be sent to you. You can do so after you have reached approximately five months into your pregnancy. The insurance company will confirm when the pump will be delivered, and most health insurance companies will ship your pump before your due date.

A Primary Benefit Of Using The Pump

Sometimes mothers need to return to their jobs earlier than they had planned to. If you've been breastfeeding your baby but must return to your job, pumping and storing milk ahead of time allows you to stock up on breast milk for long periods of time. During that time, your spouse and other family members get a chance to feed the baby while you're at work. It also gives you a chance to just simply relax by yourself sometimes.

Storing Away Breast Milk for A Premature Baby

Storing away breast-pumped milk comes in handy if your baby is a premature baby who may be a bit too weak to breastfeed. So feeding the baby with saved breast milk ensures that the little one is receiving your nutritious breast milk. The breast pump provides breast stimulation that results in the production of a steady flow of your milk.