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Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Botox Injections For The First Time

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Do you have one too many wrinkles on your face or perhaps elsewhere on your body, and are you thinking of Botox injections as a possible treatment option? While Botox injections can go a long way towards helping you achieve the appearance you desire, this is one cosmetic treatment that you will want to do some research on before you begin the process. To that end, here are some tips or best practices to keep in mind before your first appointment with Botox.

You Might Want to Go Easy With the Injections at First to Make Sure You Don't Completely Freeze Your Face

Botox injections take a bit of time to ramp up and take effect. You'll notice the tighter skin within a couple of days but it could also take up to a week or sometimes longer to get the full effect. What you don't want to do is get an injection, think that it's not doing enough for you, and then get another one before the first injection is done doing its job. Start slow and wait a week to see if you like the results or if you do indeed need more. The reason this is important is that once your skin or face is "frozen" in a specific area, it's going to be hard to undo the change beyond just waiting for the Botox to wear off over time.

Yes, It Does Wear Off But It's Still Preferable to Going Under Knife for Some People

Speaking of wearing off, most Botox injections can last several months or sometimes longer. It really depends on the site of the injection, how much was used, and the individual person. Your provider can suggest a timetable for returning. You might not like the idea of having to keep going back for more injections, but you may prefer return appointments to a facelift or some other kind of invasive surgery. A Botox injection can be done quickly on your lunch hour without anyone knowing you are having any work done.

Prices Can Vary Depending on Where You Need It

Botox may sometimes be covered by insurance if it's used to treat something like a migraine, but there might be other situations where it is not covered and you will pay out of pocket. Obviously, each doctor or professional will set their own prices so it's impossible to predict your cost but know that injections in some areas may cost more. Focusing on just your forehead might not be that expensive, but you will pay more if you want to eliminate wrinkles across your whole face.

Contact a plastic surgeon or another provider for additional information about Botox injections