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These Problems Should Prompt You To Visit The Orthopedist

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Often, people assume orthopedic doctors are there for treating acute athletic injuries and those sustained in car accidents. It is true that these tasks occupy a good percentage of their work. However, orthopedists also treat chronic musculoskeletal ailments and those that develop over time. So, if you're struggling with any of these problems, it's wise to make an appointment with an orthopedist in your area.

Joint soreness that won't go away.

It's not unusual for people to overwork a joint and for it to then be sore for a few days. However, if you've had this sort of joint soreness and it has not gone away over time, or if it has slowly become worse, you may have something bigger going on. You could have a torn or strained ligament or tendon that is just not healing on its own. You could also be developing arthritis. An orthopedist can assess your movement, talk to you about the exact nature of the pain, and figure out what's going on so you can be pain-free again.

Ongoing stiffness.

Maybe you don't have any serious pain, but you've noticed that a certain part of your body has become quite stiff. It might loosen up throughout the day, or it may stay at the same level of stiffness all day long. In any case, the stiffness keeps worsening and is preventing you from doing or enjoying daily tasks. This is almost always a sign of arthritis. While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, there are lots of things an orthopedist can do for it. They can show you stretches and strengthening exercises that will help, referring you to a physical therapist if needed. They can give you steroid injections in the joint, or they can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications.

Joints "locking up."

Sometimes people will feel like their joints lock up or stop moving when they are in motion. For instance, you may be walking along when suddenly your knee does not want to bend for you to take another stride. Or, it may lock in its bent position. This can be caused by a long undiagnosed injury to the tendons or ligaments. Sometimes, it is caused by nerve impingement. Either way, it can be dangerous, and an orthopedist can diagnose and treat it.

If you're struggling with any of the symptoms and problems above, make sure you see an orthopedist. You don't deserve to go to on suffering, and they can help. For more information on orthopedics, contact a company near you.