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How Do You Know It's Time To Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

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You have been told by a doctor that you are going to need a knee replacement surgery, but the idea of having surgery is not something you welcome, so you have decided to put things off. It is not uncommon for people to be apprehensive about any kind of surgery, even if they have a knee surgery specialist willing to perform the procedure. Typically, people who need a knee replacement will reach certain points when they believe it is time to make the decision to move forward and get the surgery. Read More»

The Advantages And Capabilities Of Leukapheresis

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Many people have never before heard of leukaphresis. That’s because it’s not an extremely common procedure, but it can be a highly beneficial one. This procedure, most commonly used in patients with leukemia, uses a unique machine to remove excess white blood cells from the body and then return the healthy red blood cells and the plasma. When medically advisable, there are many benefits to receiving or offering this procedure. Read More»

Stem Cell Treatments For Hair Loss: The Process And How The Treatments Work

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Stem cell treatments have been in research for decades now. The treatments are being used for everything from redesigning the body’s autoimmune system to fight autoimmune disorders to destroying non-malignant cells. Adult stem cells can be nurtured to become just about anything, which is why stem cells can also work for hair loss. Here is the process for this treatment and how the treatments work.  Adult Stem Cells Are Encouraged to Grow Just a Little in a Petri Dish Read More»

3 Tips To Prepare For Your MRI Screening For Prostate Cancer

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There are many people out there who suffer from prostate cancer. If you do have prostate cancer, it is important to find out about it as soon as possible, since this can help you increase the chances of success from treatment. Your doctor might recommend an MRI screening for prostate cancer. If this is something that your doctor recommends, it is important to follow through with your appointment. You may find that following these preparation steps will help you out. Read More»

3 Reasons To Schedule An Appointment For A Chiropractic Adjustment

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Many people are familiar with chiropractors, but few have actually had a chiropractic adjustment. Seeing a chiropractor for adjustments can come with a lot of benefits that can improve a person’s day-to-day life. Some health insurance plans cover the cost of chiropractic adjustments, but even if your does not, chiropractic care can be affordable, and it is usually well worth the expense. Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and don’t hurt at all, so there is no reason to shy away from this type of treatment. Read More»

Why You Should Use A Clinical Research Organization To Test New Medication

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If you are involved in the pharmaceutical industry, then you and the others within your business might be excited and ready to release a new medication to the public. First, though, you will need to make sure that testing is done properly. Some companies choose to handle their own testing in-house, but this is not always the best option for pharmaceutical businesses like yours. Instead, you might want to outsource all of your testing to a clinical research organization. Read More»

Benefits Of Hiring Locum Tenens Stroke Doctors

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When a schoolteacher is sick, the administration calls in a substitute as a temporary replacement. When a hospital or medical faciity needs a substitute physician, they call for a locum tenens doctor or physician’s assistant. Locum tenens is from the Latin for “to hold the place of” and refers to any doctor who is called in to work on a temporary basis. The need for locum tenens physicians hasn’t been so much a steady rise as an explosion. Read More»

Things To Do When Seeking Pain Relief From Neurological Disorders

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If you have been suffering with a neurological disorder that has caused you a lot of pain, you probably have the desire to find something that will help you get some relief from the pain that you have been dealing with. Even if some days seem a lot better than others, you still want to seek out all of the pain management options that can help you feel the best you can. Read More»